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Groupon: global revenue 2008-2018

Feb 12, 2019 | Online Retail

Groupon: global revenue 2008-2018

This statistic shows Groupon's global annual revenue from 2008 to 2018. As of 2018, the daily deal website's annual revenue amounted to 2.6 billion US dollars. The coupon portal had close to 48 million active customers as the fourth quarter of 2018.

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Google Assistant: number of actions/apps in the U.S. 2019

Feb 15, 2019 | Application Software

Google Assistant: number of actions/apps in the U.S. 2019

This statistic shows the total number of Google Assistant actions/apps available in the United States from April 2017 to January 2019. As of January 2019, Google Assistant supported a total of 4,253 apps in the United States.

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Average wage per month in select countries 2017-2040

Feb 20, 2019 | Employment & Earnings

Average wage per month in select countries 2017-2040

This statistic illustrates the average wage per month in select countries in 2017 and with a projection to 2040. In 2040, it is estimated that the average monthly wage in the United States will be 4,820 U.S. dollars, an increase from 3,970 U.S. dollars in 2017.

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Estimated customer growth of Revolut and N26 2018-2020

Feb 21, 2019 | Banks & Financial Services

Estimated customer growth of Revolut and N26 2018-2020

This statistic illustrates a forecasted growth rate of online only banks Revolut and N26 based on their reported monthly new customers. If both companies continue their current trends in new customers they will see a combined total of over 14 million customers by December 2020. As both companies are expecting to continue expansion into new countries for operation the actual customer numbers are likely to exceed the figures displayed here. In February 2018, the London based company Revolut announced that they had hit 1.5 million customers, a figure that had grown to 3 million by November 14th, 2018. The incredible acceleration of new customers joining these online only banks has been mirrored by the Berlin (Germany) based N26 who have seen their customer base double between June 2018 and December 2018. N26, whose founder announced in that the companies aim was to reach 5 million customers by the beginning of 2020 looks to have made a somewhat reachable target if new customer trends continue, especially as the company gained 300 million U.S dollars more in vestment through round D funding in January 2019.

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Leading electric car models Europe 2018, by new registrations

Feb 1, 2019 | Passenger Cars

Leading electric car models Europe 2018, by new registrations

This statistic shows a ranking provided by Dataforce on the leading models for electric passenger cars and light commercial vehicles by number of new registrations in Europe in 2018. That year, the car model with the highest number of new registrations was Nissan Leaf, followed by the Renault Zoe.

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Nationalities of FTSE 100 CEOs in the United Kingdom in 2018

Jun 28, 2018 | Business Enterprise

Nationalities of FTSE 100 CEOs in the United Kingdom in 2018

This statistic presents the nationalities of CEOs who work at FTSE 100 companies in the United Kingdom as of 2018. Over half of FTSE 100 CEO's are British, with the next most common nationality being American, with nine CEOs in 2018. In total there were 21 different nationalities represented at the top-level of the UK's 100 biggest companies, with 11 of these being European countries.

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News & Reports

Expert research in condensed form


The Italian pharmaceutical market

The Italian pharmaceutical market is among the fastest growing ones worldwide. This dossier provides data on the trends of the market, with special focus on pharmaceutical segments.


Update & expansion: Country Reports

To our 150 Reports we added:

  • Global Consumer Survey content
  • Operational risk index by Fitch
  • And more …


New Dossier: Plastic industry worldwide

The global plastics industry is growing every year. This dossier provides information about the global plastics industry in general as well as chapters on the major types of plastic, and recycling.


New Digital Market Outlook Reports for 2019

Updates on eCommerce, Digital Media, eTravel, eServices and more

  • Market figures for 2018 to 2023
  • Company and startup profiles
  • User demographics

New Dossier: United States coal mining industry

U.S. coal mining has been in the spotlight in recent years.This document provides an overview of the key figures, leading companies, and the employment trends in the U.S. coal mining industry.


Global Consumer Survey offers PowerPoint export

This new export feature offers

  • Structured graphical representation of the data
  • Tailored target group analysis
  • Option for further processing

New Dossier: E-commerce in Poland

The Polish e-commerce market is one of the fastest developing e-commerce markets in Europe. The latest data for Poland is presented in this dossier.


New Dossier: Plastic waste in the U.S.

Plastic waste is an issue of global concern. Since China banned the import of recycled plastic, the U.S. has had to make adjustments to its management of plastic waste.


New Dossier: Hedge funds

This dossier provides an overview of hedge funds worldwide. Global hedge fund assets, performance, investors, and other topics are highlighted.


New exclusive OOH advertising data by OAAA

The Outdoor Advertising Association of America covers amongst others

  • Number of billboards
  • Outdoor advertising revenue
  • Number of out-of-home displays


What happens after a no-deal Brexit?

Find data, perceptions & more about

  • Economic consequences
  • Impact on the labor market
  • A second referendum

New Ranking update – Spain

Understand the recent developments in the Spanish eCommerce market!

  • URL-related revenues
  • Relevant online store KPIs
  • eCommerce-related contacts


Insights into the European banking sector

  • Extended statistical dossier
  • Insights, explanations & interpretations
  • Challenges of the digital future


Dossier: Latin American online shopping events

eCommerce is rapidly becoming a part of the Latin American shopping culture. The dossier includes data on

  • Regional online shopping events
  • Events by country


Updated Brexit analysis in UK Industry Reports

The outline of potential impacts of Brexit on UK industries has been updated in the UK Industry Reports.


New Dossier: Digital Marketing in Italy

Italian enterprises invest significantly in digital marketing. Find out about

  • Relevant aspects & KPIs
  • New trends
  • Different strategies


What is football all about, anyway?

Statista European Football Benchmark

  • The big 5 European leagues
  • All about the clubs & fans
  • Sponsors & how they fit in

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We provide current market figures and forecasts for the most important consumer goods within a total of more than 200 markets. All key figures are internationally comparable and are based on extensive analyses of data from national and international statistical offices, associations, company reports and the trade press.

We provide the numbers behind markets related to catchwords like Smart Home, FinTech or Connected Car. It presents up-to-date figures on more than 90 markets of the digital economy. The comparable key figures are based on extensive analyses of relevant indicators from the areas of society, economy, and technology.

We present the key figures from the world of automotive and mobility – sales, revenues, prices, and brands.

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