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Trusted by more than 14,000 companies

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Life expectancy at birth in China 2016, by gender

Feb 12, 2019 | China

Life expectancy at birth in China 2016, by gender

This statistic shows the average life expectancy at birth in China from 2006 to 2016, by gender. In 2016, life expectancy at birth for women in China was about 77.83 years, while life expectancy at birth for men was about 74.8 years on average.

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Brand value of global chemical companies by country 2019

Feb 6, 2019 | Chemical Industry

Brand value of global chemical companies by country 2019

This statistic displays the brand value of chemical companies worldwide as of 2019, broken down by country. Chemical companies in the United States totaled around 14.3 billion U.S. dollars in brand value as of 2019.

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Opinions of the paparazzi in the U.S. 2019

Feb 12, 2019 | TV & Video

Opinions of the paparazzi in the U.S. 2019

This statistic shows the public opinion of paparazzi photographers in the United States as of February 2019. The data shows that the majority of surveyed U.S. adults said that they thought that paparazzi photographers were intrusive and should get a real job.

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Vaccine skepticism in the European Union in 2018, by country

Oct 23, 2018 | Prevention

Vaccine skepticism in the European Union in 2018, by country

This statistic displays the countries in the European Union (EU) with the lowest belief in the safety of vaccines, as of 2018. In this year, Bulgaria had the lowest confidence in the safety of vaccines in the EU, with approximately 66 percent of respondents believing vaccines are safe.

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Non-performing loans coverage ratio in Europe Q3 2018, by country

Feb 12, 2019 | Banks & Financial Services

Non-performing loans coverage ratio in Europe Q3 2018, by country

This statistic presents the coverage ratio of non-performing loans (NLP) in Europe as of the third quarter 2018, by country. The coverage ratio of non-performing loans of banks in European countries measures the ability for a countries banks to cover potential losses from non-performing loans. As of the third quarter 2018, Hungary had a coverage ratio of 67.3. Overall, 12 countries in Europe had a coverage ratio of over 50 percent.

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Netflix users in the United Kingdom (UK) 2017-2018, by age group

Jul 18, 2018 | TV & Video

Netflix users in the United Kingdom (UK) 2017-2018, by age group

This statistic shows the age distribution of Netflix users in the United Kingdom (UK) in the first quarter of 2017 and the first quarter of 2018. Between January and March 2018, 42 percent of Netflix users were aged between 25 and 34 years. The proportion of this age group increased compared to the same quarter of the previous year, at 35 percent.

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News & Reports

Expert research in condensed form


New Dossier: United States coal mining industry

U.S. coal mining has been in the spotlight in recent years.This document provides an overview of the key figures, leading companies, and the employment trends in the U.S. coal mining industry.


Global Consumer Survey offers PowerPoint export

This new export feature offers

  • Structured graphical representation of the data
  • Tailored target group analysis
  • Option for further processing

New Dossier: E-commerce in Poland

The Polish e-commerce market is one of the fastest developing e-commerce markets in Europe. The latest data for Poland is presented in this dossier.


New Dossier: Plastic waste in the U.S.

Plastic waste is an issue of global concern. Since China banned the import of recycled plastic, the U.S. has had to make adjustments to its management of plastic waste.


New Dossier: Hedge funds

This dossier provides an overview of hedge funds worldwide. Global hedge fund assets, performance, investors, and other topics are highlighted.


New exclusive OOH advertising data by OAAA

The Outdoor Advertising Association of America covers amongst others

  • Number of billboards
  • Outdoor advertising revenue
  • Number of out-of-home displays


What happens after a no-deal Brexit?

Find data, perceptions & more about

  • Economic consequences
  • Impact on the labor market
  • A second referendum

New Ranking update – Spain

Understand the recent developments in the Spanish eCommerce market!

  • URL-related revenues
  • Relevant online store KPIs
  • eCommerce-related contacts


Insights into the European banking sector

  • Extended statistical dossier
  • Insights, explanations & interpretations
  • Challenges of the digital future


Dossier: Latin American online shopping events

eCommerce is rapidly becoming a part of the Latin American shopping culture. The dossier includes data on

  • Regional online shopping events
  • Events by country


Updated Brexit analysis in UK Industry Reports

The outline of potential impacts of Brexit on UK industries has been updated in the UK Industry Reports.


New Dossier: Digital Marketing in Italy

Italian enterprises invest significantly in digital marketing. Find out about

  • Relevant aspects & KPIs
  • New trends
  • Different strategies


What is football all about, anyway?

Statista European Football Benchmark

  • The big 5 European leagues
  • All about the clubs & fans
  • Sponsors & how they fit in


Payment methods in eCommerce

What are online shoppers' payment preferences around the world?

  • Data on all payment methods
  • Analysis for 50 countries
  • Forecasts up to 2023


New Dossier: Foreign conflicts of Saudi Arabia

The kingdom of Saudi Arabia has faced political challenges.

  • Perceptions & trade information
  • Conflicts with Yemen, Iran, Qatar & Turkey

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