Age breakdown of video game players in the United States in 2016

This graph presents the results of an annual survey among a representative group of video game users regarding their age. In 2016, 29 percent of the responding players were 18 to 35 years old.

Video games market - additional information

Out of 233 million active internet users in the United States in 2012, over half of these users were also active gamers. The majority of gamers tend to be male, but gamer numbers have slowly equaled out over the last decade to be split almost equal at 52 percent males and 48 percent females. As the age breakdown of video game players in the United States shows, the age group with the largest share of gamers is the over-35 years of age bracket, and some researchers suggest that the older demographic is increasing as the people who were the first to grow up with video games at their advent grow older and continue playing.
Despite comprising almost 40 percent of all gamers, the over-35 age group plays video games by far the least amount per day of all age groups. This is, of course, likely due to the fact that most gamers over age 35 probably have a steady job which limits their play to evenings and weekends.
The lion’s share of the video games market belongs to Activision Blizzard and Electronic Arts, whose studios have turned out their respective hits of the “World of Warcraft” and “The Sims” series, most often played on PC. The best-selling games for consoles include the classic “Super Mario Bros.” game, as well as the more recent Wii Sports, both from Nintendo.

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 Share of respondents
Under 18 years 27%
18 to 35 years 29%
36 to 49 years 18%
50 years and older 26%
Source information for logged in users only.
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