Genre breakdown of video game sales in the United States in 2014

The graph shows the distribution of US video game sales by genre. In 2014, 13.3 percent of all video games sold in the US were sports games.

Genre breakdown of video game sales in the United States

Video gamers seem to have favored fast-paced games in 2013. The most purchased genres were action games with 31.9 percent of all bought games, followed closely by shooter games. Third place was taken by sports games with 12.7 percent. The ranking looks significantly different when computer games sales are considered. PC gamers appeared to prefer slower-paced genres, such as role-playing games, which took 28 percent of the sales, or casual games, with nearly 27 percent of sales.

Sales of interactive games brought nearly over seven billion dollars to the US economy in 2012, which constitutes a 22 percent decrease compared to 2011 and a 33 percent decrease compared to 2010. In 2012, computer games made less than three percent of the whole figure, video games made 45 percent and the remaining 52 percent went to ‘other formats’, such as mobile or social games. As much as 60 percent of the total seven billion dollars of retail sales was generated from games delivered in physical format, and 40 percent was generated from games delivered in digital format.

The U.S. games market accounted for nearly 24 percent of the entire global market, which was worth over 63 billion US dollars in 2012. In comparison, the value of the Chinese market amounted to 7.8 billion and the Japanese to 9.7 billion dollars. On the global level, console and online games are, and will continue to be, the most important revenue sources for the industry.

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 Share of units sold
Action 28.2%
Shooter 21.7%
Sport games 13.3%
Role-playing 9.5%
Adverture 6%
Fighting 6%
Racing 5.2%
Strategy 4.1%
Family entertainment 3.3%
Casual 1.3%
Other games / compilations 1.1%
Children's entertainment 0.1%
Arcade 0.1%
Flight 0.1%
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