Top 10 egg producing countries worldwide in 2012 (in number of eggs in billions)*

This statistic shows the leading 10 egg producing countries worldwide in 2012. In Mexico, some 46.36 billion eggs were produced.

Egg production

Eggs belong to the animal product category. They are laid by female animals. The most common types for human consumption include eggs laid by chickens, ducks, quail, roe and caviar. Bird and reptile eggs consist of an egg yolk and an egg white and a protective egg shell.

Egg varieties carried by retailers include brown- and white-colored eggs. They are further classified by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) based on the internal quality and their external appearance. Grades to be distinguished between include Grade AA, Grade A, and Grade B eggs. In the European Union, eggs are not graded by their quality but on their used farming method (organic or conventional, free range, barn range).

Eggs are a common food used in a large variety of dishes as they are a large supplier of protein and other valuable minerals and vitamins. On the breakfast table, they may be enjoyed –depending on the region – as a scrambled egg, hard-boiled egg or as a fried egg with the ‘sunny side up’.

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 Number of eggs in billions
China 490
United States 92.28
India 65.45
Mexico 46.36
Japan 41.78
Brazil 41.68
Russian Federation 41.55
Indonesia 23.53
Ukraine 18.84
Turkey 14.91
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