Revenue of world's largest investment banks, by product group in 2014 (in million U.S. dollars)

The statistic depicts the revenue of the largest investment banks worldwide in 2014, by product group. The revenue of Goldman Sachs in the Mergers & Acquisitions segment amounted to approximately 1.49 billion U.S. dollars in 2014.

Investment banks – additional information

In 2014, JP Morgan Chase & Co. topped a ranking of the leading investment banks worldwide, in terms of revenue. The American, multinational bank which was formed in 2000, when Chase Manhattan Corporation merged with JP Morgan & Co. generated approximately 5.75 billion U.S. dollars in its 14th operating year. In comparison, its nearest rival of that year was the Bank of America Merrill Lynch, which was founded in New York City in 2009, with revenue of 4.86 billion U.S. dollars for the same year.
When it comes to a ranking of the leading private banks worldwide in 2013, by assets under management, JP Morgan Chase & Co. was ranked ninth with 0.36 trillion U.S. dollars. UBS, on the other hand, founded in Switzerland in 1854, lead the ranking with approximately 1.97 trillion U.S. dollars of assets under management in 2013.
The number of people employed by JP Morgan Chase & Co. has been recorded from 2008 onwards. In 2008, the bank employed 224,961 people worldwide. This figure rose to 260,157 in 2011 before falling to 251,196 in 2013.

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JPMorgan - - -
Bank of America Merrill Lynch - - -
Goldman Sachs - - -
Morgan Stanley - - -
Deutsche Bank - - -
Citi - - -
Credit Suisse - - -
Barclays - - -
UBS - - -
Wells Fargo Securities - - -
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