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Home Appliances - Statistics & Facts

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The home appliance industry is a multi-billion dollar industry. As of 2011, the leading home appliance supplier in the global market was Chinese company Haier Electronics with net sales of more than 23 billion U.S. dollars. Other strong competitors in the industry include Midea, also a Chinese company as well as the U.S. company Whirlpool and Swedish dealer Electrolux. Within the U.S. market Whirlpool has consistently proven itself as the clear leader and as of 2011 enjoyed a market share of around 44 percent.

Despite the recent economic crisis, global demand for electrical and household appliances has been consistently increasing and the value of global demand is forecast to reach almost 600 million U.S. dollars by 2013. It is primarily cooking appliances and refrigerators that make up the greatest share of all home appliances distributed worldwide. Another growing sub-market within the home appliance industry is the “smart-appliance” market. Sources predict that by 2015 the value of the smart appliances market will have reached as much as 5.4 billion U.S. dollars.
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