Best Recruiting Firms in Switzerland 2024

Handelszeitung and PME prepare an annual survey on the topic of "best recruiting firms". As a result of this survey, the best recruiting firms and online job portals are awarded. You can find the publication here.

The survey "Best Recruiting Firms in Switzerland 2024" was open until 3 November 2023. You can register using the button below to receive a personal invitation to participate in the next survey "Best Recruiting Firms in Switzerland 2025".


Which are the best recruiting firms in Switzerland? Give us your opinion.


The survey for "Best Recruiting Firms in Switzerland" is taking place every year since 2017 and the results are expected to be published by Handelszeitung and since 2023 by PME. The publication honors the best recruiting firms and online job portals.

Four categories are distinguished:

  • Executive Search
  • Professional and Specialist Search
  • Temporary Staffing Agency
  • Online job portal


The aim of this publication is to provide candidates and companies with a tool to help them select the recruiting firms and online job portals best suited to their needs. That is why we need your know-how: share your experience with us.

To create the top lists, Statista, in cooperation with Handelszeitung and PME, will conduct a detailed survey in which three groups of participants will be interviewed:

  • HR-managers or executives from companies that have experience with recruiting firms
  • External recruiters, HR consultants, headhunters and staffing experts (peer review)
  • Candidates, who have been placed by a recruiting firm or have been working / are still working with a temporary staffing agency


If you are an HR-manager in a company, have been in contact with a recruiting firm as a candidate or work in a recruiting firm/temporary staffing agency, you can register on this website to receive a personal invitation to the survey.

In the survey, participants can recommend the companies of their choice in the various categories listed above. However, it is not possible to recommend one's own company. Participants also have the possibility to evaluate the recommended recruiting firm/temporary staffing agency according to certain criteria. All recruiting firms/temporary staffing agencies with a location in Switzerland can be nominated and assessed.

The survey is free of charge, only takes a few minutes and is non-binding. The recommendations are summarized and evaluated anonymously.

Should you have questions about the project, please contact Jacob Löning from Statista GmbH

You can see the results of the last survey here.

Information about the timing of deleting personal data, the countries where we save data (e.g., U.S., EU, UK, Singapore), and the companies we collaborate with can be found in our privacy statement.