Israel's Best Law Firms 2023

For the second time, Globes and Statista, are planning to award Israel's Best Law Firms. The results are expected to be published in February 2023.

The aim of this publication is to give a unique insiders' view of the legal profession and provide companies with a list to help them select the law firms best suited to their needs.

Are you a lawyer, a legal expert with wide-ranging experience or have you consulted/commissioned a law firm? Are you interested in sharing your insights and highlight law firms who deserve more attention? If so, we would like to hear about your expertise. We would be grateful if you took the time to participate in the survey.

Participate in the survey

Who are Israel's Best Law Firms? Share your expert opinion.

We have commenced work on first edition of Globes’ “Israel's Best Law Firms 2023” report. The list will recognize the most widely recommended law firms in Israel, encompassing a range of legal fields.

There are 30 different legal fields that law firms can be nominated in and the option to add further fields of law:


Administrative and Public

Banking and Finance

Capital Markets

Class Actions and Derivative Suits

Commercial Dispute Resolution (Litigation, Arbitration, Mediation)

Competition and Antitrust

Corporate and Commercial




Family and Inheritance law
Healthcare and Life SciencesHi-Tech and Start-ups

Information Technologies and Data Protection

InsuranceIntellectual Property

Labor and Employment

Mergers & Acquisitions

Planning and Zoning

Private Equity, Venture Capital and Fund Formation

Real Estate, Construction and Urban Renewal


Restructuring and Insolvency

TaxTMT (Technology, Media and Telecom)Tort/Damages


White Collar Crimes



This list is based on an online survey of:

  • Lawyers working for law firms
  • In-house lawyers working for a company.
  • Persons who have already consulted/commissioned a law firm on behalf of a company.

The survey will be conducted between July and September 2022. If you would like to participate, please use the link above. Once you have completed the survey, you will be asked to provide your name and professional e-mail address at the end. This is merely to ensure the quality of the data.

In the survey, participants can recommend the law firms of their choice in various legal fields. To do so, participants can freely enter the name, supported by an auto-complete function (assisted entry). All law firms with a branch in Israel can be nominated and recommended. Recommending one's own firm, however, is not allowed. All persons who register are required to provide a valid business email address and their contact information (contributions from participants using private e-mail addresses and generic business email addresses will not be considered). Please note that recommendations for one’s own firm or attempts to participate multiple times are detected and not considered in the final analysis. We reserve the right to exclude law firms from the top list if we detect infringements of this rule.

This survey will take just a few minutes to complete, and every recommendation is valuable and appreciated. All responses will of course be confidential and anonymized.



What does it mean to "confirm/validate" my participation via email?

The button above will take you directly to the survey. When you fill out/answer the survey, you will be asked to provide your name and professional email address at the end. Only after you have shared this information with us and submit the survey at the end, you will receive a separate email from us to confirm/validate your participation. For reasons of fairness and transparency, we can unfortunately only consider participants who have sent and validated their professional e-mail address.

How are the contact details from the email validation used?

The contact data used to validate your participation will only be used with your consent and exclusively in the context of the "Israel’s Best Law Firms" survey. Information about the timing of deleting personal data, the countries where we save data (e.g., U.S., EU, UK, Singapore), and the companies we collaborate with can be found in our privacy statement.

What does a law firm have to do to appear in the top list?
Since it is an independent survey carried out by Globes and Statista, your company needs to be nominated by a participant in the survey. No prior registration is required, and no costs are involved for the nomination.

Will participation in the survey be remunerated?
No, given that it is an independent survey and participation is voluntary.

Do I have to pay to appear on the published list?
No. All winners are allowed to promote their success via press releases, social networks, or on their websites. However, there will be a licensing fee for use of the "Israel's Best Law Firms 2023" logo. This offer is open to all winners and voluntary.

Is the top list on Israel's Best Law Firms funded by a law firm or commissioned by a specific customer?
No, the top list is a journalistic publication, funded, directed, and supported by Globes and Statista.

How are the winning companies identified?
The top list honors the law firms that are most frequently recommended by the survey participants.

Am I allowed to share the link to this survey information website with others?
You may share this link with other lawyers (including members of your company) and clients. To participate, these persons may provide us with their business e-mail address and full contact information to ensure the quality of the data.

Until when is it possible to participate?
The survey is launched at the middle of July and is planned to be open for responses until the end of September 2022.

When will the top lists "Israel's Best Law Firms” be published?
The top list is planned to be published in February 2023.

How do I know if my firm is among the winners?
The results of the survey will be published in Globes. In addition, the winning companies will be notified by mail shortly before the publication.