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The Best American Online Shops were identified after passing a number of tests based on 51 objective and subjective criteria.

First, a list of more than 9,500 online shops in the United States was compiled using Statista and online databases, online directories and price comparison websites to identify the most relevant online shops. The online shops with the most American visitors in 2021 were selected as candidates for further evaluation. Online shops selling mainly digital goods (ex:,, subscription based shops, C2C marketplaces (e.g. ebay com), B2B online shops, showcase websites and online shops that do not display their site in English were excluded from further evaluation to allow a better comparison between them. The online shops were then organized according to their main product offering into 39 categories.

The online shops that passed the initial screening were then tested one by one in 41 objective criteria and 10 subjective criteria on 7 dimensions:


  • Structure Usability
  • Trust Security
  • Service Communication
  • Payment
  • Purchase Deliver
  • Technical Performance
  • Likelihood of Purchase


Alongside the objective test, an online survey of a panel of more than 6,000 American online shoppers was conducted to assess the appearance of the online shops on 10 subjective criteria (e. g. “The homepage is very clear and well structured”).

After the test phase was over, a sub score for each dimension was calculated. Based on these results, a score out of 10 was determined for each online shop.

The top 1,000 online shops with the highest scores were then awarded "Best Online Shops 2023" and listed on the Newsweek website.

For further information on the methodology please click here.



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