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Statista GmbH has prepared a very special offer for all EMOTA members. Look forward to facts and figures about the topic ‘E-Commerce in Europe’.

The Statista ‘E-Commerce in Europe’ dossier offers you a multifaceted thematic overview to the current situation and development of E-Commerce in Europe. It summarizes data on the following areas: eCommerce revenue, share of European online shoppers, and cross border sales.

As a user, the dossier gives you quick access to important quantitative facts from the big world of E-Commerce in Europe.

Content of the dossier:

  • E-Commerce figures in Europe
  • Cross Border

  • Digital Buyer Penetration

  • Delivery & Parcel Distribution


For more data, information and a deeper insight into this exciting area, visit our e-commerce database.

For this dossier following Statista expert tools were used Global Consumer SurveyeCommerce DB and the platform database.

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