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For the first time, USA TODAY and Statista are awarding the “Best Financial Advisory Firms” in the US.

The ranking of the best registered investment advisory firms (“RIA Firms”) is based on two dimensions: recommendations by clients and peers and a firm’s growth of Assets under Management (AUM).

Research approach:

  • The recommendations were collected via an independent survey sent to over 20,000 individuals. While clients were able to evaluate and recommend their RIA firm, financial advisors working for an RIA firm were asked to consider a scenario where their own firm could not take on a client and had to recommend another RIA firm they appreciate.
  • The development of AUM was analyzed both, short and long term based on publicly available data. For the short term view , the growth of AUM over a twelve months period was calculated, from January 2022 to January 2023. For the long term view , the growth of AUM over a five year period was calculated, from 2018 2023.
  • In the consideration for the top 500 RIA firms, recommendations had a weight of 20% while development of AUM had a weight of 80% (short term and long term growth were equally weighted) to derive the final score.


For further information on the methodology please click here.



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