Sales of the leading 10 bottled still water brands of the United States in 2015 (in billion U.S. dollars)

This graph shows the sales of the leading bottled still water brands of the United States in 2015. For the 52 weeks ending May 17, 2015, Aquafina, owned by PepsiCo, was the third ranked bottled still water brand of the United States with about 0.96 billion U.S. dollars worth of sales.

U.S. bottled water market

The United States has the biggest consumer market for bottled water worldwide. The widely consumed beverage is regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). According to the FDA, bottled water is intended for human consumption and comes sealed in a bottle or similar containers with no additionally added ingredients. Bottled water can be either carbonated or not.

Bottled still water has no added carbonation. The non-bubbly beverage is mostly found in larger containers in the retail aisles, but smaller bottles or containers are also available. Bottled sparkling water combines convenient and healthy characteristics for consumers in the United States. These characteristics were supported by marketers and advertisers trying to set up the image that bottled water is safer than its counterpart tap water. Mostly unknown in public is that some bottled waters also come from municipal sources. Before it is bottled, it will be treated by distillation, reverse osmosis, filtration or ozonation.

Top selling bottled still water brands competing in the U.S. market are, Aquafina, Dasani, Glaceau Vitaminwater, Poland Spring and Nestlé Pure Life. Those brands can be easily attributed to the biggest bottled water companies such as PepsiCo, the Coca-Cola Company and Nestlé Waters. Apart from private label products and Fiji water, these three key players captured all sales in the top ten ranking for bottled still water in 2015. The bottled water brands Dasani and Glaceau are owned by Atlanta-based Coca-Cola.

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 Sales in billion U.S. dollars
Private label 2.06
Dasani 1.02
Aquafina 0.96
Nestlé Pure Life 0.93
Glacéau Smartwater 0.7
Poland Spring 0.58
Glacéau Vitaminwater 0.51
Deer Park 0.42
Ozarka 0.35
Fiji 0.28
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