Unemployment rate in the United States by industry and class of worker in October 2015

This statistic shows the monthly unemployment rate by industry and class of worker in the United States. The data are not seasonally adjusted. The total unemployment rate shown here is 4.8 percent. Mining, quarrying, and oil and gas extraction industry had the highest unemployment rate in October 2015 at about 9.4 percent. The lowest unemployment rate was found in financial activities at 2.4 percent.

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Industry and class of workerUnemployment rate
Mining, quarrying, and oil and gas extraction 9.4%
Leisure and hospitality 8%
Agriculture and related 7.4%
Construction 6.2%
Professional and business services 5.4%
Wholesale and retail trade 5%
Total* 4.8%
Other services 4.2%
Transportation and utilities 4.1%
Manufacturing 4%
Education and health services 3.4%
Self-employed workers, unincorporated, and unpaid family workers 3.3%
Information 3%
Financial activities 2.4%
Government workers 2.4%
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