iOS and Android Grow at the Same Pace


According to eMarketer, approximately 121 million smartphone users lived in the U.S. in 2012. In 2014, analysts are predicting a rise to 160 million smartphone users, equating to a 32 percent increase. Android will remain the most popular smartphone operating system for the next two years with 76 million active devices forecast for 2014. iOS comes second with 63 million iPhone owners.

eMarketer expects both systems to grow at the same pace, which is close to a 45 percent increase in comparison with 2012. Windows phone likewise will gain more weight in terms of its user base. By 2014, there will be eight million Windows Phone users (+38 percent). In contrast, Blackberry is enduring a downward spiral with a user base loss of 25 percent (11.8 million users).

Infographic: iOS and Android Grow at the Same Pace | Statista
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Smartphones statistics
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