Number of monthly active Facebook Messenger users from April 2014 to July 2016 (in millions)

This statistic presents the number of monthly active Facebook Messenger chat app users from April 2014 to July 2016. As of the last measured month, the mobile messenger had 1 billion monthly active users worldwide.

Facebook messenger users – additional information

Mobile messenger apps are on the rise, with optimistic projections for this market in the coming years. The number of mobile phone messaging apps users is forecast to nearly double between 2014 and 2019. A total of 2.19 billion people are projected to use mobile phone messaging apps by that year. In line with this forecast, the user penetration of over-the-top messaging services, which includes mobile phone messaging apps, is also expected to grow from 51.7 percent in 2014 to just over 68 percent by 2019.

In terms of service providers, WhatsApp, acquired by Facebook in 2014, is the most popular mobile messenger app in the world. Chinese QQMobile is the second most popular instant messaging service, while Facebook Messenger takes the third place. WeChat, Skype, Viber, LINE, BlackBerry Messenger and Kakaotalk complete the list of the most popular mobile messenger apps. Amongst them, Facebook Messenger has the highest global reach in the market, registering a global active usage rate of 36 percent by the end of 2015.

Initially released in 2011, Facebook Messenger, an app purely dedicated to chatting, was developed to take over the instant messaging function previously connected to the main Facebook app. The service imports Facebook’s contact, and can be used both on a desktop computer and mobile devices. According to the Global Web Index study, Facebook Messenger is mostly used to send messages, photos and stickers. As of April 2016, Facebook Messenger had 900 million monthly active users. The number of monthly active users in the app has been consistently growing since 2014, when the service had 200 million monthly active users only. The global usage penetration of Facebook Messenger also increased from 18 percent in the first quarter of 2014 to 37 percent in third quarter of 2015.

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 Number of monthly active users in millions
Apr '14 200
Nov '14 500
Mar '15 600
Jun '15 700
Dec '15 800
Apr '16 900
Jul '16 1,000
Source information for logged in users only.
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