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U.S. Restaurants - Statistics & Facts

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The total revenue from restaurant food & drink sales in the U.S. is estimated at more than 600 billion U.S. dollars in 2012. This revenue is generated by a diverse industry that caters to a variety of customer demands with regards to price, food quality, eating experience, speed and menu choice.

The two main restaurant categories that make up about two thirds of total market revenue are limited-service (quick-service) restaurants and full-service restaurants. These are either independently operated or part of a brand such as McDonald’s (quick-service) or Applebee’s (full-service). Overall the industry today encompasses more than 590 thousand restaurants in 2012, surpassing pre-crisis levels.

Almost 13 million people are employed by the industry today of which more than 90 percent are working in food preparation and serving related occupations. The National Restaurant Association estimates that the total number of jobs will rise to about 14.3 million by 2022.
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