30 Years of Macintosh


When Steve Jobs presented the first Macintosh in January 1984, it was received as an almost revolutionary novelty in personal computing. He and Steve Wozniak introduced the first computer with a graphical user interface and a mouse to a mass market.

Since then the Mac has evolved not only in design and size, but also in CPU power, as can be seen in the graphic below. Especially with the introduction of the new iMac G3 in 2006, the power of the central processing unit has more than tripled in comparison with the former model.

Today, in combination with the sales of Apple’s other products like the Iphone and Ipad, the Cupertino-based company is earning billions of Dollars and has come a long way from selling a self-assembled personal computer from their garage.

Infographic: 30 Years of Macintosh | Statista
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