Apple - Statistics & Facts

Apple - Statistics & Facts

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Today, Apple is among the most valuable brands in the world. The company has been generating billion dollar revenue figures for more than a decade. Throughout its long, and often tumultuous history, Apple has repeatedly proven itself as a pioneering force. When the company was first founded by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak in 1976, it was among the first companies working to produce and market personal computers for everyday use. Aside from a lull in the early nineties, coincidently while Steve Jobs was absent from the company, Apple has consistently maintained a prominent position in the global market.

In Apple’s list of ground-breaking products are most notably the iPod, the iPhone and the iPad. The iPod, released in 2001, marked Apples first venture away from computers and into consumer electronics. Since its release sales have been unparalleled compared to other digital music players on the market. In conjunction with the iPod, Apple was also able to further promote iTunes, the first digital music store to make a significant impact. Since its launch in 2001 iTunes has generated significant levels of revenue for the company.

In 2007, the release of the iPhone marked a revolution for the global smartphone market, due to the introduction of the first touchscreen interface. In the United States especially, the iPhone has been a key product for the company generating record sales and high levels of revenue. In the past iPhone revenue has made up as much as 40 percent of the companies total takings.

In January 2010, the iPad was unveiled marking yet another unprecedented innovation in the industry. While the concept of the iPad was first met by skepticism, the device went on to sell more than 3.27 million units in the first 3 months thus setting a new benchmark in the industry. Following its release, competitors rushed to produce similar products but struggled to match the design, price and functionality of the device. Apple has consistently held more than 50 percent of the global tablet market, and is expected to maintain this lead into the future.

Of course a summary of Apple wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the infamous and visionary leader of the company, Steve Jobs, who sadly passed away in October 2011. Analysts are optimistic that Apple is well-prepared for the post-Jobs era, but it remains to be seen whether the company can be successful in the long run without its visionary leader.


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