China On Path to World Domination in Ecommerce


Emerging markets in Asia-Pacific have fueled China’s business-to-consumer e-commerce markets. In 2014, Chinese consumers are to spend more on online purchases than in the U.S. market. As can be seen in the chart below, China is dominating worldwide e-commerce sales growth by a remarkable 63.8%. India comes in second with a distant 31.5%.

Taobao, a consumer-to-consumer platform, the Chinese search-engine Baidu and the ‘Amazon of China’, Dang Dang count among the world’s largest internet companies and have created an online infrastructure that can no longer be defined as that of a developing country.

According to the study, although the U.S. are still in the top spot as far as overall sales are concerned, China is expected to catch up by 2014.

Infographic: China On Path to World Domination in Ecommerce | Statista
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E-Commerce in China statistics
E-Commerce in China statistics
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