Top 10 cities with the largest number of violent crimes per 100,000 residents in the U.S. in 2013

This statistic shows the most dangerous cities in the United States in 2013 by violent crime rate. Four categories of violent crimes were used: murder and non-negligent manslaughter; forcible rape; robbery; and aggravated assault. Only cities with a population of at least 200,000 were considered. In 2013, 2,072 violent crimes per 100,000 residents were reported in Detroit, Michigan. This makes Detroit the most dangerous city of the United States.

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 Crimes per 100,000 residents
Detroit (Michigan) 2,072
Oakland (California) 1,977
Memphis (Tennessee) 1,656
St. Louis (Missouri) 1,594
Cleveland (Ohio) 1,478
Baltimore (Maryland) 1,401
Milwaukee (Wisconsin) 1,364
Birmingham (Alabama) 1,345
Newark (New Jersey) 1,264
Kansas City (Missouri) 1,260
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