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Leading product brands with the most fans on Facebook in July 2014 (in millions)

 Million fans
Facebook for Every Phone 474.44
Coca-Cola (Coke) 86.45
Youtube 82.32
Red Bull 44.17
Converse All Star 40.31
Nike Football 37.78
Playstation 37.67
Starbucks Coffee 37.16
Oreo 37.15
Pepsi 32.77
iTunes 32.19
Skype/Windows Live Messenger 30.41
Nutella 28.88
Pringles 27.42
Angry Birds 27.1
Samsung Mobile USA 26.87
Skittles 26.24
Monster Energy 24.76
Adidas Originals 24.61
Xbox 24.07
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This statistic gives information on the most popular product brands on Facebook, ranked by number of fans on the social network. As of July 2014, video streaming site YouTube was ranked third with more than 86.45 million Facebook fans.

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