Product brands with the most Facebook fans as of July 2015 (in millions)

This statistic gives information on the most popular product brands on Facebook, ranked by number of fans on the social network. As of July 2015, video streaming site YouTube was ranked third with 80.93 million Facebook fans.

Brands on Facebook – additional information

Facebook is arguably the world’s most popular social network. Due its global reach, advertisers and marketers have recognised Facebook’s potential as a marketing tool to reach new and existing customers and as a result have come up with new and innovative ways of reaching their target audiences.
In August 2013, the types of apps featured on Facebook brand timelines were recorded. During that month, it was found that 15 percent of brands had a product browsing app featured on their Facebook timeline but only one percent of brands featured a shopping app with a fully integrated checkout.
In February and March 2014, over 30,000 Facebook pages were analyzed in order to determine the most popular types of content posted by brands. The results showed that the most popular type of content used by brands were photos with a 75 percent share of all brand posts. Links, statuses, albums and videos were also content favoured by brands, but none were used as much as photos.
Brands are able to measure their receptivity through likes, comments and shares on Facebook. The distribution of social user engagement with brand posts on Facebook was documented in the fourth quarter of 2012 and the fourth quarter of 2013. In the fourth quarter of 2013, likes accounted for 82 percent of user engagement with brand posts, down from 87 percent from the same quarter a year earlier.

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 Facebook fans in millions
Facebook for Every Phone 517.11
Coca-Cola (Coke) 91.5
Youtube 80.93
Red Bull 43.4
Nike Football 42.1
Oreo 40.46
Converse All Star 37.43
Playstation 37.18
Starbucks Coffee 35.66
Pepsi 33.36
iTunes 31.18
Skype/Windows Live Messenger 30.22
Nutella 29.68
Instagram 28.33
Angry Birds 26.05
Samsung Mobile USA 25.54
Adidas Originals 25.33
Pringles 25.1
Kit Kat 24.36
Skittles 24.22
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