Most popular Facebook games in November 2015, based on number of daily active users (in millions)

The statistic show the ten most played social games on Facebook in November 2015, measured by daily active users. In that month Candy Crush Saga, produced by game developer King, had an average of approximately 11.61 million daily active users on Facebook.

Social gaming

Social gaming commonly refers to playing games as a way of social interaction, as opposed to playing single-player games. Many current online social games are connected to social networks or app-based, as increasing mobile device usage has lead to a growing interest in casual mobile gaming. Gaming apps are the most popular App Store category and many gaming apps feature social components such as rankings, in-game app trading and co-play in order to advance further in the game. Despite usually being free to play, social games frequently monetize based on virtual good transactions.

Due to its immense amount of monthly active users, social network Facebook has proven an ideal platform for social games. As of February 2014, the average U.S. Facebook user had approximately 350 friends on the social network with figures being significantly higher in lower age groups. According to a March 2013 survey of smartphone users in the United States, 31 percent of respondents’ accessed Facebook games at least once per day with 52 percent of respondents stating they do so constantly throughout the day.

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 Number of daily active users in millions
Candy Crush Saga 11.61
Clash of Clans 10.73
Candy Crush Soda Saga 10.32
Farm Heroes Saga 10.18
8 Ball Pool 7.52
Criminal Case 6.16
Pet Rescue Saga 4.87
Hay Day 4.65
Words With Friends 3.87
Cookie Jam 3.53
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