Most popular Apple App Store categories in June 2015, by share of available apps

The statistic shows the most popular categories in the Apple App Store ranked share of active apps. In June 2015, business apps were the second-most popular category, with a share of 10.33 percent of active all apps being business apps. As of summer 2015, more than 100 billion apps were downloaded from the App Store.

Mobile apps are one of the most popular features of smartphones. Gaming apps are the most popular app category based on availability and top-grossing iOS gaming apps generate more than 1 million U.S. dollars per day. Mobile gaming revenues in the United States are projected to amount to 3.04 billion U.S. dollars in 2015. Common app revenue models include free apps with in-app purchases, paid apps without in-app purchases and paid apps with in-app purchases. Gaming apps frequently generate revenue through in-game item purchases. Other app revenue channels include e-commerce, advertising, contracts or subscriptions.
Gaming apps also boast high user engagement with the average user session length ranking behind music and entertainment apps with an average app being launched eleven times per month. The average monthly launch rate of gaming apps was 8.6 times per month. The vertical with the highest average monthly launch rate were travel and lifestyle apps.

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 Share of active apps
Games 21.8%
Business 10.33%
Education 9.79%
Lifestyle 8.57%
Entertainment 6.6%
Utilities 5.05%
Travel 4.42%
Books 3.67%
Music 3.05%
Health and Fitness 2.81%
Productivity 2.81%
Sports 2.6%
Food and Drink 2.5%
Photo and Video 2.43%
Finance 2.36%
Reference 2.34%
News 2.32%
Medical 2.05%
Social Networking 2.03%
Navigation 1.16%
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