Fastest viral videos as of April 2013, based on the time needed to reach 100 million views (in days)

This statistic shows the fastest viral video campaigns or clips to reach 100 million views across the internet. This measurement is based on the number of days it took to reach this view count. As of April 2013, South Korean singer PSY's music video "Gentleman" was the fastest viral video to reach and surpass 100 million views. Previously, his viral music video hit Gangnam Style hit 100 million YouTube views after being online for 52 days and was also the first music video to reach 1.5 billion views altogether.

YouTube is a video sharing website originally founded in 2005. The website was purchased by Google in 2006 for roughly 1.65 billion U.S. dollars in Google stock. Since the acquisition, YouTube has grown significantly, becoming the primary source for videos online, such as tutorials, news, gaming videos and vlogs. YouTube’s user base has increased every single year and along with it the number of videos posted. As of May 2013, over 100 hours of video were uploaded to YouTube per minute.

Based on a survey in the United States, YouTube was the second most popular social media website in the country as of June 2014, amassing roughly 36.3 percent of all social media visits, trailing only Facebook by a small margin.

In terms of popularity, the fastest growing genre on YouTube is arguably gaming. The channel with the most subscribers as of March 2014 is PewDiePie, having a grand total of 26 million subscribers. He is a comedic gamer, often posting videos of live commentaries while playing popular games and has become a fan favorite among younger viewers.

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 Days needed to reach 100 million views
PSY: Gentleman 4
Kony 2012 6
Susan Boyle: Britain's Got Talent 9
Lady Gaga: Bad Romance 18
Rebecca Black: Friday 45
PSY: Gangnam Style 52
Justin Bieber: Baby 56
Miley Cyrus: Party in the USA 57
Modern Warfare 2 77
Beyoncé: Single Ladies 114
Katy Perry: Hot'n'Cold 122
Jeff Dunham: Achmed the Dead Terrorist 165
The Annoying Orange 167
David After Dentist 359
Charlie Bit My Finger Again 402
Evian: Live Young 416
Laughing Baby 467
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