Projected unit shipments of tablets worldwide from 2010 to 2019 (in million units)

Here you can see a forecast for global shipments of tablets from 2010 to 2019. In 2010, 19 million media tablets were shipped worldwide. By 2017, shipments of tablets are expected to reach 276 million units.

Tablet unit shipment projections

An estimated 286 million tablets will be shipped worldwide in 2018, more than a tenfold increase on the figure shipped in 2010. The Asia and Pacific region is forecast to overtake Europe as the biggest regional market for tablets by 2018. Over 108 million of the devices are projected to be shipped in this area in 2018 in comparison to 107.8 million in Europe. A further 78 million are expected to be distributed in North America as well as almost 10 million in Japan alone.

In the final quarter of 2014, a total of over 76 million tablets were shipped across the world. This marks only the second time that quarterly tablet shipments have exceeded 70 million units, the first being the year previous when shipments in the final quarter of 2013 reached 78.6 million tablets. As of the final quarter of 2014, Apple’s iPad held a 28.1 percent share of global tablet shipments. This marks a significant fall from the share of over 60 percent that it held in the second quarter of 2012. The company shipped a total of 21.4 million iPads in the fourth quarter of 2014, and 63.4 million units across the whole year.

By comparison, Samsung shipped 11 million tablets in the final quarter of the year and Lenovo shipped a further 3.7 million units. Samsung’s share in the tablet vendor market has remained relatively constant in recent quarters and, as of the final quarter of 2014, the South Korean company held a global share of 14.5 percent.

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