Tablets - Statistics & Facts

Tablets - Statistics & Facts

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In January 2010, the first touch screen tablet was released by Apple. While other companies had already produced tablets as far back as the 1980’s, Apple’s iPad was the first tablet to achieve significant success amongst consumers from its launch. Within its first year the iPad sold more than 19 million units globally and sales have only continued to grow. The iPad alone has generated billion dollar revenue figures for Apple on a quarterly basis, proving itself to be a highly innovative and lucrative product for the company.

Following the rapid success of the iPad, other companies also wanted in on this new market. Samsung, RIM, Amazon and Hewlett-Packard all released their own tablet versions in quick succession although none have been able to achieve a market share close to that held by Apple. When looking purely at tablet operating systems however, Google’s Android system, which is used by a number of different vendors, is offering stronger competition against Apple’s iOS system.

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