Taylor Swift Leads to Jump in Voter Registration

On Wednesday Taylor Swift, the pop sensation who usually stays out of politics, waded into the pre-election heat via Instagram to encourage her fans to vote. The singer also endorsed the Democratic Governor of Tennessee, Phil Bredesen in a much-watched governor’s race in a conservative state., the organization Swift linked to in her post, experienced a surge in voter registration in the 24 hours following her call to action on social media. The site registered 65,000 people, outdoing their total registration for the entire month of August.

Morning Consult polled U.S. adults on what topics were the most appropriate for celebrities to speak on. Encouraging people to vote came in first with a 70 percent approval rate among those surveyed. Speaking out against sexual harassment registered similar levels of approval from the public, coming in a close second. Criticizing Donald Trump and voicing support for building a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border were some of the least popular topics for celebrities to speak on, with a roughly 35 percent approval rate.


This chart shows the percent of respondents who believe the following topics are appropriate for celebrities to speak on.

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