Manchester City Have the Best-Paid Players in the World


Premier League side Manchester City are the highest-paid sports team in the world, ahead of the New York Yankees baseball team. The Manchester outfit have been bankrolled through oil money from the UAE’s deputy prime minister, Minister Mansour bin Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, and this has propelled them to success in recent years. Indeed, Manchester City’s players are now averaging an impressive $8.1 million per year.

This may have repercussions, however, as the scale of the football club’s financial outlay has placed it on the brink of breaching Uefa’s Financial Fair Play regulations. Further down the list, the Los Angeles Dodgers are in third place after the Yankees while Spanish soccer powerhouses Real Madrid and Barcelona round off the top five respectively.

Infographic: Manchester City Have the Best-Paid Players in the World | Statista
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