Most popular mobile internet activities according to internet users worldwide as of June 2015, by device

This statistic gives information on the most popular activities on mobile internet devices. During an global online survey in June 2015, 70 percent of respondents stated that they accessed social media sites via tablet device.

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E-mail 77% 83%
Working 63% 58%
Reading news, articles, books etc 62% 62%
Using social media sites 61% 70%
Watching movies/videos online 51% 37%
Online shopping 48% 41%
Instant messaging/video calling 44% 51%
Education/learning 43% 29%
Online banking 42% 44%
Downloading software/applications 42% 50%
Online gaming 39% 37%
Online data storage 33% 27%
Uploading/sharing media 32% 33%
Using online payment systems/wallets 28% 27%
Visiting online dating sites 15% 9%
Other activities 1% 1%
Source information for logged in users only.
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