Internet usage worldwide - Statistics & Facts

Internet usage worldwide - Statistics & Facts

Statistics and facts on Internet Usage Worldwide

Global internet usage is reshaping the way we access information and services online. Currently, more than 2.92 billion people worldwide access the internet. The majority of global internet users are located in Asia, with Europe following in second place. Currently, more than 11 percent of worldwide internet users access the web from North America.

Number of worldwide Internet users
Worldwide distribution of internet users

From increase in monthly usage to global penetration rates, internet usage is constantly increasing. Recent leaps in technological development, leading to the ubiquity of mobile technology, have fuelled the rise in internet activities. Some of the most popular online activities are social networking, online search, online video and online shopping.

Leading social networks worldwide ranked by number of registered users
Share of internet users who watch online videos

The internet provides a platform on which multi-billion dollar internet companies, specializing in various online sectors, have formed, grown and expanded. Google, Facebook and Amazon are global market leaders in search, social networking and B2C e-commerce respectively. International companies Baidu, Rakuten and LinkedIn are also internet companies consistently raising their global profile.

Annual revenue of global publicly traded internet companies
Market value of the largest internet companies

The ever expanding e-commerce market is a huge attraction to internet users worldwide, as shown in the growth of e-commerce volume and consumer spending in selected countries. Annual online spending as share of disposable income is a prime example of this change in shopping habits as a result of the internet. In 2013, the top 100 online retailers in the United States generated more than 221.09 billion dollars in web sales. Mobile retail is also one of the fastest growing online categories - in 2013, leading web-only merchants generated several billion dollars in m-commerce revenues.
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