Number of worldwide internet users from 2000 to 2015 (in millions)

This statistic gives information on the total number of worldwide internet users from 2000 to 2015. As of the most recent reported period, the number of internet users worldwide was 3.17 billion, up from 2.94 billion in the previous year.

Easier access to computers, the modernization of countries around the world and an increased utilization of smartphones has given people the opportunity to use the internet more frequently and with more convenience. However, the total number of internet users in certain countries often pertains to their living conditions. As of February 2014, there were approximately 354.6 million internet users in China and 194.7 million internet users in the U.S. that were aged over 15. When comparing each country’s internet users to their total population, broadband online penetration in densely populated countries is relatively low.

Social networking is one of the most popular online activities and Facebook is the most popular online network based on active usage. As of Q1 2014, there are a total of roughly 1.3 billion monthly active Facebook users, for almost have of worldwide online users. Social networks also allow for companies to advertise to a wider range of customers. In 2013, the global internet advertising revenue amounted to approximately 117.2 billion U.S. dollars and is expected to increase to 194.5 billion U.S. dollars by 2018.

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