U.S. Mobile Marketing - Statistics & Facts

U.S. Mobile Marketing - Statistics & Facts

Statistics and facts about Mobile Marketing in the U.S.

There is a great disproportion between the share of time Americans spend using mobile devices and the share of money invested in mobile advertising. Americans spend 11.7 percent of their media time on their mobile phones and tablets, yet mobile ads only account for 1.6 percent of total ad spend. This is a silver platter opportunity for marketers, which so far remains unexploited:

  • only around a half of all U.S. companies were planning to run mobile campaigns in 2012
  • … and to integrate their mobile activities into the overall marketing mix,
  • over 50 percent of companies allocated less than five percent of their marketing budget to mobile advertising,
  • less than a half optimized their internet presence for the needs of mobile users.

  • Those, who have experimented with this type of marketing, have no reasons to complain - more than two thirds are satisfied with the outcome. What is more, the audience is eager to receive mobile ads and is willing to share personal information to get interesting offers. Given these perfect conditions, it is no surprise that mobile advertising spending is expected to soar over the next couple of years.

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