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Convenient access

Convenient access

Statista offers convenient access to quantitative data for students of any discipline.

Scientific standards

Scientific standards

Statistics carefully prepared in compliance with scientific standards.

Detailed information

Detailed information

Detailed background information to each statistic for a quick and easy understanding.

More than 2,000
trust Statista
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Research with Statista saves time and resources

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Time saved: 28 minutes per statisticRelation of the Source Type of the Data
  • This is the best product and presentation I have ever seen in this context.

    Anselm Nye, Collections Manager, Queen Mary University

  • Statista is an indispensable resource for our students and faculty for quickly locating key statistics to inform and illustrate their research and teaching.

    Peter McKay, University of Florida, Business Librarian

    Peter McKay
  • Statista’s intuitive interface is a big hit with busy students and teaching faculty who need quick access to key stats and data on a variety of hot topics.

    Cécile Maciulis, Head Librarian, INSEAD

  • Statista is the first database that caused students to thank me for acquiring a license.

    Andrea Lieb, Library Director, Leipzig Graduate School of Management

  • The feature I find most useful is the possibility to have access to reliable and organised information, immediately usable on Excel for further analysis and elaboration.

    Luca Pancari, Student, ESCP Europe

  • Statista’s interface is elegant and incredibly user-friendly.

    Priscilla Choi, Student, Stanford University

  • It’s a real pleasure to use Statista because there is a lot of data I can’t find anywhere else online.

    Jarne Froyen, Student, Hogeschool PXL

  • As a librarian I love a database that doesn’t require handouts or tutorials for students to figure it out.

    Amanda Scull, Assistant Professor, Mason Library

  • There really is nothing else out there like Statista.

    Library Journal, Best Statistics Database 2014

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