Export as PNG, XLS and PPT
A) Export as PNG, XLS and PPT

Whether for use in presentations, websites or blogs – Statista provides swift downloads in the most widely used formats.

                    Flexible presentation
B) Flexible presentation

Our statistics can be displayed in bar chart, line graph or table format – you can decide which display you prefer, allowing you to adapt individual statistics accordingly. And even if you don’t have JavaScript, don’t worry – you’ll still be able to see the data.

                    Extensive reading supports
C) Extensive reading supports

Beneath every one of our statistics you’ll find a brief reading support that will assist you in getting to grips with the data and subject area. We provide you with objective and specific information relating to the type of study used, the evaluation period and subject of the analysis. This helps us to provide you with the tools you’ll need for further analysis of the statistic in the future.

                    Detailed source citation
D) Detailed source citation

Statista's accessible and easy to use portal enables you to search for and find statistics quickly and easily. At Statista we place a great deal of importance on transparency and adherence to academic standards, this is why our statistics contain detailed source citations allowing each and every one to be traced back directly to the source.

Rankings & Tables

Where would a statistics portal be without rankings? So that our users don’t find themselves swamped by masses of data, Statista offers the possibility to have rankings presented in a sortable, searchable and clearly arranged format.

Customized Look

Our corporate and premium users are able to customize our statistics to suit their needs. Whether text format, graphic representation or characteristics – with a few clicks you can make the adaptations that you want.

Thematic Representation

Every statistic is dealt with on an individual basis – this allows us to ensure each and every data entry is carefully monitored and catalogued, ensuring it corresponds to our various topics and subject areas.

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