Statista API 2.7

Your audience, our knowledge

With the Statista API, you have access to data from more than 22.500 sources and over 170 industries. Let your team make fact-based decisions even faster and enrich your websites with Statistics, Studies and Infographics of your choice.

Version 2.7 – October 2023

Downward-compatible update: Access the metadata of our Market Insights from the comfort of your own tools. Allow your users to search for content or generate rich links that take them directly into our products.

Use cases

Spread knowledge where it is needed


Let our team of 650 data enthusiasts work for you. Enhance your intranet with Statistics and Studies that cater exactly to your needs.


Enrich your websites with our valuable content. Link Statistics, create lists of Studies or curate an attractive slideshow of our Infographics.


Connect your knowledge management systems with our API in a matter of minutes to let your teams make fact-based decisions without further ado.


See our API in action

1Specify your filters
2Choose the content type
3Here is your result


Integrate with us seamlessly

Developer friendly

The pragmatic architecture using REST and JSON as well as a solid documentation make things intuitive and simple, yet very flexible.

Enterprise ready

Streamline the usability even further by accessing our platform via single-sign-on. You can even incorporate the data itself.

Always up to date

Our editorial teams make it their mission to always stay ahead of the curve and keep updating our content.

Start with a trial

As an owner of a Statista Professional Account, you may use the metadata. As an Enterprise Account, you may even work with the data points themselves. Contact your Account Manager for a non-binding test.