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Statista allows you to present your data to a larger audience through our online statistics portal. Our user base is global and covers many key industries. You will find your organization’s name and data next to leading market research institutes, organizations and associations, as well as companies and media outlets. Becoming a Data Partner is free and allows you to reach our 4 million users through our online statistics portal.

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Over 8.5 million users and over 4m registered clients

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Our users are already looking for answers. By putting your data on Statista, they find you first.

Full Transparency

In every statistic we name all sources and provide a URL backlink to the original source of data.

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Our editorial team carefully reviews all of our sources and data partners. Place your data in the perfect market research environment.

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Feel free to send us your data:

  • Most popular among our audience is periodic data, so be sure to include recurring surveys
  • We use quantitative data sets to make our statistics, please do not upload charts without numerical data
  • Types of data can be: single studies, individual data sets, or databases
  • You can send your data via a link, Excel, PDF, or Powerpoint document

Our editorial team reviews each data delivery for the following criteria:

  • Does it complement our existing data?
  • Can we understand the methodology and does it satisfy our quality requirements?
  • Are they published recently and regularly?
  • Is the level of detail suitable for Statista?

We will contact you with feedback from our editorial team and discuss, if necessary, final details such as the amount of data to publish.

  • Your statistics or studies are now available to our users
  • Your data and brand are now live on Statista
  • The URL backlink for our users to connect with you is live
Partnering with Statista allows us to demonstrate our expertise in the app commerce industry on a regional and global scale.

Anna Abrell, Marketing Manager, Poq

Statista gives us great, timely exposure with people that really use our data. The site is professional, charts are beautiful and they’re great to work with!

Art Klein, Managing Partner, MSW-ARS Research

We benefit from the validation and reach that a partnership with a high quality company like Statista provides.

Brett Bauer, CEO, Shared2you

We’re excited to partner with Statista because they can help us extend the reach of our data insights and help build yconic’s brand as a youth, GenY and GenZ thought leader.

Rob Henderson, CEO, yconic.

Statista is a reliable and comprehensive source for The Wall Street Journal

Jason Bellini, Editor, The Wall Street Journal

Jason Bellini
Statista's designs are beautiful, informative and accurate. We have come to rely on them to illustrate the technology and business news of the day.

Matt Silverman, Editorial Director, Mashable

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