12.01.2023 Empowering people with data: Statista introduces Business Suite, simplifying its existing insights product portfolio

Statista offers statistics & reports, market insights, consumer insights, company insights, and eCommerce insights, providing direct access to data, insights, and trends on 80,000 topics from 22,500 sources in over 170 industries. Statista is now bringing its insights product portfolio together in a Business Suite that smartly combines all its insight products for its customers. Thus, Statista is strengthening its position as a leading provider of data and business intelligence.


Hamburg, GermanyJanuary 12, 2023. Statista aims to empower people to make better fact-based decisions. To strengthen the decision-making and context competencies of its customers, Statista is bringing the range of its individual insights products and the editorial offers associated with them together in a Business Suite.

The combination of Statista’s products will provide customers with seamless access to both qualitative and quantitative insights within a common context. This makes individual complex topics visible, which offer points of reference for the respective business needs of customers. The Business Suite simplifies the search process for customers and improves the user experience.

"We have included the most important areas of the business world to the Business Suite: market insights, consumer insights, company insights, and eCommerce insights. In addition, our statistics and reports are included. The conversion of the previous platform into an accessible overview of all related topics empowers our customers to select the information that they need quickly and easily so that they can make informed economic decisions and take actions," says Friedrich Schwandt, founder and CEO of Statista GmbH, on the introduction of the Statista Business Suite.

"Simplifying and professionalizing the Statista product offering is an important step for our continued and accelerated global growth. The Business Suite will offer our customers a one-stop-shop solution for their individual information needs in the future. It reduces complexity and simplifies the search processes of our customers. By restructuring our insights products, our customers are empowered to make fact-based entrepreneurial decisions," says Arne Wolter, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer at Statista.


The innovations do not affect the information available in the databases or the individual license models of customers. Rather, the business suite reduces the complexity and sources of insights on the previous platform, statista.com. Further details on the innovations and the Statista product structure can be obtained via the following one pager: here.


Statista is one of the world’s leading data and business intelligence platforms, empowering people worldwide to make fact-based decisions. Statista.com is the premier destination for statistics & reports, market, consumer, and company insights, providing direct access to data, analysis and trends on 80,000 topics from 22,500 sources across more than 179 industries. Founded in 2007 in Germany, Statista now employs around 1,200 people in 12 locations worldwide.