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Statista dossier about mobile broadband technologies

Table of contents

    • Number of mobile broadband subscriptions worldwide 2007-2021

    • Number of mobile subscriptions worldwide by region 2005-2021

    • Mobile subscriptions per 100 inhabitants 2005-2021, by region

    • Global market share of mobile telecom technology 2016-2025, by generation

    • WCDMA/HSPA mobile subscriptions worldwide 2011-2027, by region

    • GSM/EDGE mobile subscriptions worldwide 2011-2027, by region

    • CDMA mobile subscriptions worldwide 2011-2027, by region

    • LTE mobile subscriptions worldwide 2011-2027, by region

    • Global 5G population coverage by region 2020

    • Number of operators and territories with public 5G services* 2020-2021

    • Number of models of 5G devices 2021, by device type

    • 5G technology market revenues worldwide 2020-2030

    • Countries with the highest number of cities in which 5G is available 2022

    • 5G download speed APAC 2022, by country

    • Average 5G user download speed in countries 2021-2022

    • Total wireless revenues of AT&T 2017-2021, by quarter

    • Quarterly wireless revenue of Verizon Q1 2018-Q4 2021

    • Vodafone's mobile/fixed service revenue in Europe from Q1 17/18 to Q4 21/22

    • Wireless carrier/operator subscriber share in the U.S. 2011-2021

    • Mobile market share of Vodafone by country 2010-2020

    • Mobile market share of Telefónica by country 2012-2020

    • Germany: market share of mobile service providers from 2015-2021

    • Forecast number of 5G mobile subscriptions worldwide 2019-2025

    • 5G mobile subscriptions worldwide 2020-2027, by region

    • Adoption of 5G connection in 2025, by region

    • Global 5G smartphone shipments 2019-2021, by leading vendors

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