Natural resources in China

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Statista Dossier on natural resources in China

Table of contents

    • Proved coal reserves in China, by type 2011-2020

    • Natural gas production in China 2010-2021

    • Coal production in China 1998-2020

    • Proved oil reserves in China 1990-2020

    • Water in China: freshwater resources 2010-2020

    • Distribution of surface water in China February 2021, by water quality

    • Ground water quality in China 2020, by level

    • River water quality share in China 2019-2020, by level

    • Major lake water quality in China 2020, by level

    • Distribution of land area in China 2019, by usage

    • Farming acreage in China 2020, by region

    • Land area taken up by parks in China 1990-2020

    • Area of national nature reserves in China in 2020, by region

    • China: production of pig iron by month 2021

    • Crude steel production by month in China 2021

    • China's copper mine production 2010-2021

    • Proved reserves of major mineral resources in China 2020

    • Newly explored reserves of mineral resources in China 2019

    • Export value of coal from China 2010-2020

    • Import value of coal in China 2010-2020

    • Monthly imports of natural gas to China 2017-2021

    • Import volume of crude oil to China 2010-2020

    • Import volume of petroleum products to China 2010-2020

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