Vacation travel behavior in Europe

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Statista Dossier on vacation travel behavior in Europe

Table of contents

    • Travel and tourism revenue in Europe 2017-2026, by segment

    • Users in the vacation rentals market in Europe 2017-2026

    • Users of package holidays in Europe 2017-2026

    • Monthly change in tourist arrivals due to COVID-19 in Europe 2019-2022

    • Number of vacations and leisure trips taken by Europeans 2019

    • Distribution of travel and tourism expenditure in Europe 2019-2021, by type

    • Travel and tourism spending share in European countries 2021, by type

    • Average summer vacation budget in Europe 2019-2021, by country

    • Spending on vacations and leisure trips in Europe 2019, by country of residence

    • Spending on domestic and outbound vacations in Europe 2019, by country

    • Europeans planning to travel domestically or in Europe in the next six months 2022

    • Share of Europeans planning trips to Europe in the next six months 2022, by purpose

    • Share of Europeans planning to take a summer vacation 2010-2021

    • Share of Europeans planning to take a summer vacation 2019-2021, by country

    • Share of Europeans that are likely to take cruise trips in Europe 2021, by country

    • Accommodation type preferred by Europeans for summer vacations 2021

    • Travel intentions of Europeans in the next six months March 2022, by destination

    • European travelers' favorite destinations for their next European trip March 2022

    • European travelers planning to visit Nordic countries in the next six months 2021

    • Most affordable cities for backpacking in Europe 2022

    • Opinions on EU Digital COVID certificates aiding travel planning in Europe 2021

    • Europeans' main concerns regarding the next holiday trip May 2021

    • Europeans' main reasons not to take a summer holiday 2020-2021

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