Nuclear power in France

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Statista Dossier about nuclear power in France

This dossier presents graphs and tables about the nuclear power industry in France. It covers the different aspects of the nuclear power generation process including the domain of nuclear waste and incidents occurring during this process.

Table of contents

  • 1. Nuclear power plants
    • Nuclear power plants in France 1985-2016

    • France: nuclear power plants - number of reactors 2018

    • Nuclear reactors by year of grid connection in France 2017

    • Electricity generation capacity of French nuclear reactors in 2015

    • World's largest nuclear power plants by electricity generation 2017

  • 2. Nuclear power generation and consumption
    • World nuclear power consumption by country 2017

    • Nuclear energy consumption in France 2005-2017

    • Gross nuclear electricity production in France 2006-2015

  • 3. Nuclear Waste
    • Types of nuclear waste produced by the nuclear industry France 2016

    • Radioactive waste volume by economic sector France 2016

    • EDF Group - HILW-LL from operations 2013-2016

    • France: volume projection of radioactive waste by type 2016-2040

    • Projection of spent nuclear fuel arisings and storage in France 2013-2030

    • EDF Group - transported spent nuclear fuel 2012-2017

    • Projection of spent nuclear fuel reprocessing capacities in France 2013-2035

  • 4. Ressources and minerals in the nuclear industry
    • Fuel fabrication requirements in France 2012-2035

    • Fuel fabrication capacities in France 2012-2035

    • Projection of plutonium use in France 2013-2035

    • Uranium production of Orano 2010-2017

    • Uranium enrichement needs in France 2012-2035

    • Uranium enrichment capacities in France 2012-2035

    • Uranium conversion requirements in France 2012-2035

    • Uranium conversion capacities in France 2012-2035

  • 5. Accidents
    • Significant events registered on the INES in France 2010-2017

    • Events involving safety in nuclear power plants notified in France 2017

    • Nuclear safety: infringement reports transmitted by the ASN inspectors in France

  • 6. French nuclear power industry
    • Exported nuclear capacity from France 2016

    • Revenue of Orano 2008-2017

    • Areva's revenue by segment 2016

    • Areva's revenue distribution by region 2016

    • EDF Group - revenue by segment 2017

    • EDF Group - revenue 2007-2017

    • EDF Group - consolidated net income 2007-2017

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