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Statista dossier on fossil fuel production in Europe

This dossier offers an overview of the production volume of the fossil fuel industry in Europe. It contains information on the volume of oil, coal and natural gas in the European Union and selected countries in Europe.

Table of contents

  • 1. Overview
    • Primary energy consumption in the European Union (EU) and Eurasia 2004-2016

    • European Union primary energy consumption by fuel 2010-2016

    • Primary energy consumption in selected European countries 2016

  • 2. Oil in Europe
    • Oil - consumption in Europe and Eurasia 2000-2016

    • European Union - oil production in barrels per day 1998-2016

    • European Union - oil production in million metric tons 1998-2016

    • European trade movements: Oil exports 2004-2016

    • Oil imports - Europe 1998-2016

  • 3. Coal in Europe
    • European Union - coal production in oil equivalent 1998-2016

    • Coal production of the European Union (EU) 2005-2016

    • Coal production in selected countries in Europe in 2016

    • Coal consumption of the European Union (EU) 2005-2016

    • Hard coal energy - production in the European Union 1995-2014

  • 4. Natural gas in Europe
    • Natural gas production in Europe and Eurasia 2004-2016

    • Natural gas production - European Union 1998-2016

    • Natural gas consumption in the EU in cubic meters 1998-2016

    • Europe and Eurasia: natural gas consumption

    • Natural gas consumption projections in OECD Europe 2015-2050

    • Shale gas - estimated amount of reserves in selected European countries 2011

    • Natural gas exports from selected European countries 2015 to 2016

    • Natural gas residential prices in Europe 2016

    • Natural gas prices for households in the EU-28 2010-2016, semi-annually

  • Language: English
  • Released: October 2015
  • Source(s): Statista
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