Toronto Dominion Bank

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Statista dossier on Toronto Dominion Bank

Table of contents

    • Largest banks globally 2021, by market capitalization

    • Leading banks in North America 2022, by brand value

    • Value of bank assets in Canada 2002-2020

    • Assets of financial institutions in Canada 2002-2020, by institution type

    • Total assets of TD Bank 2013-2021

    • Market capitalization of Toronto-Dominion Bank 2013-2021

    • Total revenue of TD bank 2013-2021

    • Net income of Toronto-Dominion Bank 2013-2021

    • Tier 1 capital ratio of Toronto-Dominion Bank 2013-2021

    • Earnings per share of Toronto-Dominion Bank 2013-2021

    • Revenue of Toronto-Dominion Bank 2020-2021, by segment

    • Canadian retail banking revenue of Toronto-Dominion Bank 2019-2021, by business

    • U.S. retail banking revenue of Toronto-Dominion Bank 2020-2021, by source

    • Wholesale banking revenue of Toronto-Dominion Bank 2020-2021, by business line

    • Leading banks in Canada 2021, by assets

    • Customer satisfaction with leading Canadian retail banks 2021

    • Most valuable Canadian brands 2020

    • Market capitalization of largest Canadian banks 2021

    • Share of carbon-related assets of TD Bank 2019-2021

    • TD Bank's carbon emissions 2018-2021, by category

    • Value of GSS bonds underwritten by TD Bank 2018-2021

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