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Statista dossier about the agricultural chemical industry

This dossier presents key facts and figures about the global agricultural chemical industry, also known as the agrochemical industry or agrichemical industry. The agricultural chemical industry is influential on agricultural practices worldwide. This includes the range of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, and some other chemically-based agricultural products. Accordingly, this dossier includes chapters on the global agricultural chemical industry, the North American crop protection industry, fertilizers, the leading companies in the industry, the trade of agricultural chemicals, and an outlook for the industry.

Table of contents

  • 1. Global agricultural chemical and crop protection industry
    • Global agricultural chemical market value 2016 & 2025

    • Value of the global crop protection market 2007-2016

    • Shares of the global crop protection market by product 2014

    • Crop protection sales worldwide by region 2015

    • Global crop protection market value share 2016, by region

    • Global glyphosate use 1994-2014

    • Global glyphosate use by sector 1994-2014

    • Global fungicide market value in 2014 and 2023

  • 2. North American crop protection industry
    • Distribution of the North Americal crop protection market by product 2014

    • Glyphosate use in the U.S. in kilograms 1974-2014

    • U.S. pesticide and other agricultural chemical manufacturing gross output 1997-2016

    • Forecast: chemical pesticide manufacturing shipment value U.S. 2008-2018

    • Canada agricultural chemical shipments value 2003-2016

  • 3. Fertilizers
    • Global fertilizer demand by nutrient 2011-2017

    • Forecast: value of shipments nitrogenous fertilizer manufacture US 2008-2020

    • Forecast: value of shipments phosphatic fertilizer manufacture US 2008-2020

  • 4. Leading companies
    • Leading seed and pesticide companies worldwide 2016, based on revenue

    • Monsanto's net sales 2008-2017

    • Syngenta's sales in the crop protection segment worldwide 2011-2016

    • Bayer CropScience's revenue 2005-2016

    • Dow Chemical's revenue in the Agricultural Sciences segment 2009-2016

    • BASF crop protection - revenue distribution by region 2009-2016

  • 5. Trade
    • U.S. pesticides import value 1970-2015

    • U.S. pesticides export value 1970-2015

    • U.S. manufactured fertilizers import value 1970-2014

    • U.S. manufactured fertilizers export value 1970-2014

    • Canadian agricultural chemical trade 2003-2016

    • Agricultural chemical export value from Canada by country 2016

  • 6. Outlook
    • Global fertilizer consumption by nutrient 2013-2018

    • U.S. annual chemical industry production growth forecast by segment 2017-2022

    • Forecast of sulfur fertilizer demand worldwide 2014-2020

    • Forecast of potash fertilizer demand worldwide 2014-2021

    • Forecast of phosphoric acid fertilizer demand worldwide 2014-2020

    • Forecast of urea fertilizer demand worldwide 2014-2021

    • Forecast of nitrogen fertilizer demand worldwide 2014-2019

  • Language: English
  • Released: 2017
  • Source(s): Statista
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