Beer industry in Finland

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Statista dossier on the beer industry in Finland

This dossier presents a range of statistics and facts about the beer industry in Finland. The dossier gives a overview of the production industry and retail. It also includes specific data on beer consumption and private import of beer into Finland.

Table of contents

  • 1. Overview
    • Number of enterprises in the manufacture of beer in Finland 2008-2017

    • Number of active breweries in Finland 2009-2019

    • Number of active microbreweries in Finland 2009-2019

    • Alcoholic beverages produced in Finland 2015-2016, by type

    • Volume of beer production in Finland 2009-2019

    • Production value of the beer manufacture industry in Finland 2008-2017

    • Finland: turnover in manufacturing of beer 2008-2017

    • Finland: employees in the beer manufacturing industry 2008-2017

    • Personnel costs of the beer manufacture industry in Finland 2008-2018

    • Number of persons directly employed by the beer brewing industry in Finland 2009-2019

  • 2. Retail and trade
    • On and off-trade beer sales distribution in Finland 2011-2018

    • Breweries' sales volume of beer in Finland 2010-2019

    • Share of breweries' beer sales in Finland 2007-2017

    • Change in the number of stores selling alcoholic beverages in Finland 2006-2018

    • Change in the number of Alko stores in Finland 2009-2019

    • Beer excise duty revenue in Finland 2009-2019

    • Annual volume of beer imported into Finland 2008-2018, by EU and non-EU import

    • Annual volume of beer exported from Finland 2008-2018, by EU and non-EU export

    • Consumer imports of beer in Finland 2009-2019

    • Estimated share of consumers importing alcohol in Finland 2008-2018

    • Estimated total consumer imports of various alcoholic beverages in Finland 2006-2016

    • Annual change in consumer imports of alcoholic beverages in Finland 2018

    • Estimated per trip consumer imports of alcoholic beverages in Finland 2006-2016

    • Domestically produced beer in beer imports from trips abroad in Finland 2006-2016

    • Consumer imports of beer from Estonia to Finland 2012-2019

  • 3. Consumption
    • Consumer price index of beer in Finland 2010-2020

    • Volume of beer consumed in Finland 2009-2019

    • Volume of beer consumed per capita in Finland 2009-2019

    • Shares of consumption of different types of alcoholic beverages in Finland 2020

    • Alcoholic beverage consumption in Finland 2020, by type of beverage

    • Number of retail stores selling low-alcohol beverages in Finland 2010-2020

    • Number of Alko stores and pick up points in Finland 2010-2020

    • Origin of sale of consumer imported beer in Finland 2015-2016

    • Share of beer of the alcohol consumption in Finland 1995-2020

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