Banking in Belgium

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Statista Dossier on different banking activities in Belgium

Table of contents

    • Number of bank branches in Belgium 2020, by region

    • Biggest banks of Belgium 2021, based on number of branches

    • Most valuable Belgian brands 2021

    • Number of foreign banks established in Belgium 2019

    • CET1 ratio of the banking sector in Belgium 2014-2020

    • Number of bank employees in Belgium 2019, by type of bank

    • Household financial assets in Belgium 2009-2019

    • Household financial assets in Belgium 2019, by asset type

    • Total bank credit to households in Belgium 2005-2021

    • Interest rate new deposits redeemable at up to 3 months notice Belgium 2017-2019

    • Number of mobile banking subscriptions in Belgium 2011-2020

    • Ranking of selected banking apps in Belgium, based on downloads 2015-2019

    • Market penetration of banks for Belgium and Luxembourg large corporations 2017-2021

    • Value of the most recent bank loan of SMEs in Belgium 2020, by loan size

    • Monthly interest rates on non-financial company loans <1 year Belgium 2019-2021

    • Use of bank loans for SMEs in Belgium 2020

    • Value of domestic M&A transactions in Belgium 2014-2022

    • Value of cross-border M&A transactions in Belgium 2014-2022

    • Value of domestic IPOs in Belgium 2016-2022

    • Overview of private banks and asset managers in Belgium 2018-2019, by AUM

    • Net AUM of UCITS investment funds in Belgium, Luxembourg and Netherlands 2015-2021

    • Total UCITS and AIF investment funds in Belgium 2015-2021

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