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Statista dossier about smart cities

Table of contents

    • Smart city revenue worldwide 2020-2025

    • Smart city revenue worldwide 2020-2025, by region

    • Smart city initiative investment worldwide in 2018-2023

    • Smart city initiatives spending distribution worldwide 2020, by region

    • Smart city market share worldwide 2019, by use case

    • Companies with the most smart city patents worldwide 2011-2020

    • Leading smart cities worldwide 2020

    • Smart city government ranking worldwide 2020

    • Leading cities in the Urban Mobility Readiness Index 2020

    • Most congested cities in the world 2021

    • Smart city market revenue worldwide 2020-2025, by segment

    • Smart city startup revenue worldwide 2020-2025, by industry

    • Revenue of the building automation market worldwide 2020-2023

    • Global smart grid investments 2014-2019, by components

    • Productivity gains in smart utilities management from 5G by use case 2030

    • Smart meter unit shipments worldwide 2018-2024, by region

    • E-Government Development Index (EGDI) 2020, by country

    • Smart city revenue worldwide: incumbent/major companies 2020-2025

    • Smart city revenue worldwide generated by major companies 2020-2025, by region

    • Smart city revenue worldwide generated by startups 2020-2025

    • Smart city startups revenue worldwide 2020-2025, by region

    • Edge IT power footprint for smart cities and buildings 2019 and 2028, by segment

    • Global CAPEX of edge computing devices and infrastructure 2019-2028

    • LTE mobile subscriptions worldwide 2011-2027, by region

    • 5G mobile subscriptions worldwide 2020-2027, by region

    • 5G edge computing ecosystem market share worldwide 2023, by segment/key industry

    • Connection density of 4G, 5G and 6G technology

    • Number of IoT connected devices worldwide 2019-2030, by use case

    • Global megacity populations 2021

    • Global megacity population projection 2035

    • OECD countries with the highest degree of urbanization as of 2018

    • Top 25 most urbanized countries worldwide in 2050

    • Countries with largest increase in urban population until 2050

    • Countries with the largest projected urban population in 2050

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