European banking sector

Statista DossierPlus on the current banking sector and the continued rise of app-only banks

European banking sector Despite Europe’s continued struggle with profitability, last year saw the banking sector continue to strengthen its position for liquidity, capital, and asset quality. All capital requirements developed by the Basel III accords were being met across Europe, with Non-performing loans at a low of 2.7 percent. The measurements put in place to ensure the stability of Europe’s banking sector will be tested fully by the economic downfall created by the coronavirus, something which is explored in the first chapter of this report.

This Statista DossierPlus takes an in-depth look at the health of the European banking sector, its readiness for the Covid-19 pandemic as well as the continued rise of Europe’s neobanks. The report has extensive chapters covering liquidity, capital and profitability, the size of the banking sector, a dive into Europe’s largest banks as well as an extensive look at the continued rise of app-only banks. ​

Preparedness of the European banking sector for COVID-19

  • Liquidity coverage ratio and CET1 ratio
  • Non-performing loans ratio
  • Coverage ratio of non-performing loans
  • Cost-to-income ratios
  • Return on equity and return on assets

Banking in numbers
  • Banking population
  • Number of banks by country
  • Number of bank branches
  • Number of employees
  • Total value of banking assets

Europe’s largest banks
  • Customers and employees
  • Total assets
  • Revenue and total equity
  • Market capitalization
  • CET1 ratio
  • Return on equity and cost-to-income

Customers & funding of app-only based challengers
  • Brand value of incumbents & challengers
  • Customers & funding at select digital banks
  • Revolut and N26: market share of app downloads globally
  • Number of countries of operation for traditional and app-only banks

Continued growth of digital challengers
  • Online banking fraud
  • Customer growth
  • Monzo and Starling winning customers over
  • Pros of digital and traditional banking
  • Number of supported features
  • Number of days to open an account
  • Global downloads of European app-only banks

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