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Fintech report 2020

Fintech report 2020

Fintech has transformed the financial services industry, successfully changing the way people bank and trade. The term is a combination of finance and technology, and it refers to businesses that use the latest technology to enhance or automate financial services and operations. Conventional banks were once the only place to go for financial advice or to transfer money abroad, but innovative fintech startups have disrupted the established sector and now provide services that are tailored to the customer.

Blockchain technology, peer-to-peer payment platforms, and mobile-only trading apps have revolutionized a variety of financial activities. Fintech has reshaped personal finance, providing smarter and more efficient strategies to banking, budgeting, and investing. Consumers are discovering the benefits of digital payments made over the internet or through mobile point-of-sale systems. Alternative lending and alternative financing are two other services that have added to the growth of the fintech market.

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Alternative financing report

Fintech: alternative financing report

Fintech innovations have created new funding avenues for startups. Instead of securing a traditional bank loan, business ventures can now raise capital through crowdfunding. Campaigns, ranging from product launches to scientific research, receive donations from a global network of investors through platforms such as Kickstarter. Crowdinvesting – also known as equity crowdfunding – is another option that is growing in popularity because it rewards investors with a share of equity in the venture.

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Global bank survey

Global bank customer satisfaction survey

Banks are adapting to meet the evolving needs of customers in 2020. They continue to focus on customer satisfaction and providing solid financial advice, but demand for a better digital banking experience has never been higher. Today’s customers are more informed than ever before; they expect a greater level of trust and want transparency with fees. More than 40,000 people took part in this survey, which uncovers the important factors that customers consider when choosing a bank.

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SRI in Europe

Socially responsible investing in Europe

Socially responsible investing (SRI) is the practice of financially supporting companies or funds that make positive social and environmental impacts. Also known as sustainable or ethical investing, there has been significant growth in the number of SRI funds across Europe in recent years. Individuals are not only interested in sustainable projects that can improve communities, but they are also looking to invest in companies that promote gender equality and have diverse management teams.

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Coronavirus and financial markets

Coronavirus: impact on financial markets

The coronavirus has destabilized financial markets and caused considerable damage to the worldwide economy. Investing in a highly volatile market presents significant risk, and many traders have chosen to sell stocks to reduce big losses. Other investors have delayed making decisions until the pandemic is brought under control. Relief plans have started to lift the markets, but uncertainty persists as the potential for further waves of infection across the globe remains.

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