Smart Mobility Report 2021

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Owing to the ever present danger of climate change, Smart Mobility has become more popular in recent years, and will play a large role in helping us safeguard our future because it not only entails moving people from point A to point B but doing so in a way that is environmentally conscious.

The Smart Mobility market report provides a peek into this fast-growing industry, focusing on electric mobility, electric vehicles, electric vehicles infrastructure such as charging stations, shared mobility, shared rides, and shared vehicles.

Electric mobility follows some of the principles of Smart Mobility: efficiency and sustainability. In 2020, the best-performing segment by revenue in the Electric Mobility market was Electric Vehicles (revenue of US$168.6 billion), followed by Electric Vehicles Infrastructure (US$0.8 billion). In terms of units sold or installed, about 2.6 million electric vehicles were sold worldwide in that same year and the number of installed charging stations increased to 737.2 thousand. Mobility has to be CO2-neutral in the future, and the breakthrough of eMobility is expected to, in the near future, help tackle climate change, oil shortage, and air pollution.

In the Shared Mobility segment, having a professional driver in the vehicle is the main difference between the services that are covered in the Shared Rides and in the Shared Vehicles segments. With a revenue of US$162.8 billion in 2020, the Shared Rides segment raked in comparatively more revenue when compared to the US$62.7 billion generated by the Shared Vehicles segment. Services that belong to the Shared Rides segment always involve a driver who picks up and takes the passengers to a predefined location, while the Shared Vehicles segment is about services that involve vehicles which users can drive themselves.

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  • Released: September 2021
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